Sentara has the only comprehensive autonomic center in the mid‑Atlantic.

Sentara Healthcare continues to lead the innovation charge in diagnosing disorders of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The autonomic nervous system controls heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, sexual function, breathing rate, digestion, urination and sweating - functions that our bodies automatically control.

Sentara Neuromuscular and Autonomic Center is one of only a handful of comprehensive centers in the nation that specialize in diagnosing and treating conditions caused by a dysfunction of this part of the nervous system. The center is led by a unique autonomic neurologist and care team using the latest tests, including Thermoregulatory Sweat Testing (TST), to provide answers for patients who have seen an average of 10 physicians before arriving at our center.

Why is Sentara unique?

  • 1 of only 8 locations nationwide with Thermoregulatory Sweat Testing (TST)
  • 1 of only 20 comprehensive centers in the nation
  • 1 of only a few hundred autonomic neurology specialists in the world
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